surfboard bags

Surfboard Bags

Custom surfboard bags for all types of surfboards. Fish surfboard bags, mid-range surfboard bags, gun surfboard bags, longboard bags and more.

We take great pride in every surfboard bag we manufacture. Our goal is to make high quality, good fitting surfboard bags that will last for years. We are especially proud to make all our surfboard bags and surfing accessories at our factory in Costa Mesa, California.



surfboards bags

Surfboards Bags


Our surfboard bag material colors include light gray, charcoal gray, camo and olive. Light gray is the most effective color for a day bag, since this color absorbs the least heat when exposed to the sun. Additionally we can make your surfboard bag with mylar reflective material on the fin side. Mylar reflective is particularly effective in strong sun conditions. Also our surf day bags include .25″ foam, white nylon interior, #10 zipper, exterior storage pouch, a handle and shoulder strap.

We make all types of surfboards bags. Surf bags for day use and surfboard travel bags. Our surf travel bags include .50″ foam padding, reinforced seams with 1.5″ webbing for extra durability while traveling. Also a smooth white nylon interior, interior mesh storage pocket, zipper protection guard, full length #10 zipper and a padded shoulder strap.

Additionally we have a selection stock fish surf bags.


Longboard Bag

longboard bag

Longboard Bag


We make stock longboard bag sizes and custom longboard bags like the one pictured above for a Mickey Munoz 11′ glider.


longboard bags

Longboard Bags


The longboard bag in the above picture has mylar reflective material on the fin side. Furthermore we can make your custom longboard bag with a full length zipper. This will make it easy to slide your board in and pull your board out of your longboard bag. A full length zipper is particularly useful if your wax should happen to melt inside your board bag.

Additionally we can make you a coffin longboard with wheels or without wheels for your travel surf bag.

Get more information on our custom surfboard bag here or take a look at our website blog to see more types of our board bags.

Below are videos for surfboards bags measurement instructions, surf bag materials and boardbag maintenance.

Contact Us For Your Surfboard Bag Quote

You can email us at [email protected] or call 949.645.4592 for your surfboard bag quote. Please include your surfboard length, width, and thickness. Also whether your looking for a surfboard day bag or surfboard travel bag.

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