Wheeled Coffin Travel Bag now available for SUP, longboard and surfboard.


Wheeled Coffin Travel Bag Description

Our custom wheeled coffin travel bags are designed to fit up to two SUPs, three longboard and three to four surfboards. Also you can choose our wheeled coffin travel bag in colors charcoal gray (as shown here) or light gray. The wheels we use are inline rollerblade style with plastic housing. Additionally we use three skid bars for tail protection and support.

Wheeled Coffin Travel Bag

Wheeled Coffin Travel Bag


Also our coffin travel bags include a padded shoulder strap with metal d-rings and clips, three exterior cinch down straps on each side, two tie down loops on each side (the tie down loops are helpful when tying down the travel bag to the roof of a rental car). And a full length #10 zipper, zipper protection guard and two zipper sliders with zipper pull tabs. All our coffin bag panels, top, side gusset and bottom are reinforced with 1.5″ webbing to prevent the seams from tearing open during travel.

Wheeled Coffin Surfboard Bag

Wheeled Coffin Surfboard Bag


Additionally we include three handles on our wheeled coffin travel bag. One at the nose (as shown here), one at the center side gusset and one at the tail. And we reinforce our handles with 1.5″ webbing on the interior of the bag. Hence all the handles are extra durable.

Wheeled Coffin Longboard Travel Bag

One of Three Handles included on our Coffin Travel Bags


Coffin Bag Interior

Also we use white nylon for the interior of our coffin travel bags. We have an additional foam panel at the tail section to cover the hardware for the wheels.

Interior Tail of our SUP Travel Bag

Interior Tail or our SUP Travel Bag


Also included is a zippered storage pouch with two zipper sliders to store your fins, leashes, wax, tools etc. This is located at the bottom of the interior nose.

Interior Nose of our Coffin Travel Bag

Interior Zippered Storage Pouch


Finally our wheeled travel bags include a .25″ foam board divider panel and two interior board tie down straps to secure your SUPs, longboards or surfboards while traveling.

Interior of our SUP Coffin Travel Bag

Interior of our Coffin Travel Bag


Custon Wheeled Coffin Travel Bag for SUP, Longboard & Surfboard

Custom Wheeled Coffin Travel Bag for SUP, Longboard & Surfboard.


Coffin Travel Bag Without Wheels

We can also make you a custom coffin bag without wheels for your SUP coffin bag, longboard coffin bag or gun surfboard coffin bag.


Contact Us For A Quote

In conclusion, you can email us at [email protected] or call 949.645.4592 for a quote for a custom wheeled coffin travel bag for your SUP, longboard or surfboard. We have been making board bags and water board sports accessories in Costa Mesa, California since 1999.


Coffin Travel Bag with Wheels Video