Roof Rack Pads

We manufacture discreet non logo roof rack pads to fit most factory and aftermarket rack systems at our factory in Costa Mesa, California. Our roof rack crossbar pads are made for car roof rack pads, SUV rack pads, van rack pads and truck racks. We also offer easy to use tie down straps.

Furthermore, our crossbar pads are perfect for surfboard roof rack pads, SUP rack pads and prone paddleboards. Also windsurf car pads, kayak roof rack pads and canoe rack pads. Or anything that needs protection from hard racks.

Roof Rack Pads Styles Lengths & Colors

Sold in sets of two rack pads. Additionally we offer rack pads in a variety of styles. Aero round pads for flat/thin crossbars (2″ to 2.875″ wide). Regular round pads for round or square crossbars (1′ to 1.5″ wide). Also WIDE pads for extra wide and thick crossbars (3.25″ to 4.5″ wide) that you find on Thule truck racks, Thule Xsporter truck racks, TracRac truck racks and Nissan Xterra SUV racks. Furthermore we sell a range of roof rack pad size lengths – pads 18 inch, pads 27 inch, pads 36 inch and pads 54 inch. And an assortment of colors with non fade black, camo and black floral being our most popular.

Please read the product description and or view our video to find the right rack pads for you.

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