A first class windsurf board bag is a critical piece of windsurfing gear. Weather you’re windsurfing nearby or going on a windsurf trip, you want to be sure that your windsurf board is well protected! Vitamin Blue can make you a high quality windsurf day bag or a single windsurf boardbag travel. We’ve been making boardbags at our factory in Costa Mesa, California since 1999.


Windsurf Board Bag Features

Windsurf Board Bag

Windsurf Board Bag Deck Side

This windsurf travel bag was custom made for a Starboard windsurf iSonic with carbon fiber. Therefore, we made this board bag with mylar reflective on the exterior deck side of the bag. A carbon fiber windsurfing board will draw heat even when it is inside a windsurfing bag. And the mylar reflective is very effective in keeping the board and bag cooler.


Windsurf Travel Bag

Windsurf Travel Bag Fin Side

On the exterior fin side of this single windsurf boardbag travel we used light gray 600 denier polyester with PVC backing. Additionally, the light gray color absorbs less heat.


Windsurf Bag

Windsurf Bag Features

The windsurf bag includes a padded shoulder strap and a exterior Velcro storage pouch. Also added are two handles. These handles are placed to the weight balance point of the windsurf board. One sturdy rubber handle is on the rail and a second heavy duty webbing handle is on the fin side center. The second handle is reinforced with webbing on the interior of the bag for extra strength. Additionally, windsurf boards are a little wide so this second handle makes it easier to handle the board inside the bag.


Windsurfing Gear

Windsurf Board Bag Velcro Fin Slot

Incorporated in this windsurf board bag is a sturdy 1.5″ webbing Velcro fin slot. And two zipper sliders with zipper pulls.


Windsurf Travel Bag

Windsurf Travel Bag Zipper Protection Guard

Also our windsurf travel bag seams are reinforced with 1.5″ webbing for added durability. Furthermore, our surfboard travel bags include a full length zipper with a zipper protection guard.

Windsurf Travel Bag Interior

Windsurf Board Bag

Windsurf Board Bag Interior

Our windsurf travel bags come with .50″ foam padding and a smooth white nylon interior lining.


Contact Us For A Price Quote

Lastly, you can email us at [email protected] or call 949.645.4592 for a quote for your custom windsurf day bag or windsurf travel bag. Also please take a look at ourĀ custom boardbag page and ourĀ website blog page to see more examples of our boardbags. Below is a video that will show you how to measure your board for a windsurf board bag.


Windsurf Board Measurement Instructions