SUP Race Board Bag made by Vitamin Blue.

We have a video at the bottom of this post that will show you how to measure your SUP race board for a custom SUP race bag. These measurements enable us to make a snug fitting SUP race board. A bag that won’t make a lot of noise flopping in the wind while being transported on the roof of your car.


SUP Race Board Bag Description

12’6″ SUP Race Bag

SUP Race Bag

SUP Race Board Bag


12'6 SUP Race Board Bag

The above two pictures are of a 12’6″ SUP Race Board Bag.

This SUP race bag includes mylar reflective on the deck/top side. Furthermore we recommend mylar reflective if you have a carbon fiber board and or a dark colored board. Also we suggest mylar for locales with lots of sun and heat.

We also included reinforced 1.5″ webbing along the entire seam, this additional webbing helps to keep the mylar from tearing at the seams. In addition light gray denier on the fin/bottom side. The foam is .25″ thick, interior white nylon lining. And two handles – one on the rail and one on the center of the fin/bottom side. We normally attach the second handle on the deck/top side, however, when we use mylar on the deck/top side it is best not to sew the handle on the mylar side, the stress of using a top side handle can tear the mylar. Also included are a zipper protection guard with a full length zipper. And a Velcro fin slot and a shoulder strap with metal d-rings & clips.

14’0″ SUP Race Bag

14'0 SUP Race Board Bag


14'0 SUP Race Bag with Velcro Tri Fin Slots


SUP Race Board Bag with Velcro Tri Fin Slots

The above three pictures are of a 14’0″ SUP Race Board Bag. Furthermore, this board bag includes all the features of the 12’6″ SUP Race Board Bag. Also this bag has three Velcro fin slots to accommodate the three fin setup on this board. We typically oversize the tail, make it extra wide, to allow sufficient space for side bite fins to fit inside the bag.  However, if you are VERY CAREFUL with your side bite fin placement measurements we can successfully make a bag with three Velco fin slots. If your side bite fin placement measurements are off by a half an inch or so, the Velcro fin slots my not line up.

17’6″ SUP Unlimited Race Bag

And the two pictures below are of a 17’6″ SUP Unlimited Race Board Bag. As well this board bag includes all the features of the 12’6″ SUP Race Board Bag. In addition, this bag has four handles. One on the nose, the rail, the bottom center and the tail. Finally, we recommend four handles for the longer SUP Unlimited Race Boards. Sometimes it’s good to have a partner to help you carry your SUP Unlimited Race Board.

SUP Race Board Bag

17’6 SUP Unlimited Race Board Bag

SUP Race Bag

SUP Race Bag



Vitamin Blue makes all types of board bags. Surf SUP bags, longboard bags, gun surfboard bags and surfboard bags. We can make day bags and travel bags.

Please take a look at our custom boardbag page and our website blog page to see more custom board bags.

Also all our water board sports products are made at our factory in Costa Mesa, California.


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Custom Board Bag Measurement Video