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Vitamin Blue makes discreet non logo rack pads for car, SUV, van and truck racks. If you are looking for a clean looking roof rack pad these will be perfect! Additionally we offer the widest selection of roof rack crossbar pads on the market, designed to fit most rack systems. Also our car, SUV and van cross bar pads are available in 18 inch long car pads , 27 inch long SUV pads, 36 inch long crossbar pads  and 54 inch long van pads and SUV pads. And our WIDE / truck rack pads come in 27 inch and 36 inch lengths. This WIDE crossbar pad was designed for a truck roof rack, specifically the Thule Xsporter, Thule truck rack, TracRac truck racks and Nissan Xterra roof racks. Furthermore, we offer our crossbar pads in a variety of colors. Our most popular colors are non fade black, camo and black floral.

Vitamin Blue roof rack crossbar pads are ideal for surfboard rack pads, SUP, windsurf board, prone paddleboards, kayak roof rack pads and canoe roof pads.


Rack Pads Styles

In addition we provide three roof rack pad styles.

1) Aero Crossbar Pads – round 1/2 inch thick foam. This pad is designed to fit flat, thinner and wider factory car crossbar racks that are 2″ to 2.875″ wide.

2) Regular Crossbar Pads – round 3/4 inch thick foam. This pad is designed to fit round or square aftermarket cross bar racks that are 1″ to 2″ wide, i.e. Yakima, Thule.

3) WIDE Pads – flat pads with securing Velcro strips that run the length of the pad . Only pads top of cross bars. These are perfect for truck rack pads. Designed to fit wider and thicker crossbar racks 3.25″ to 4.5″ wide by 1.5″ to 2″ thick, i.e. Thule truck racks, Thule Xsporter truck rack, TracRac truck rack, Thule Aeroblade, Yakima Whispbar, Nissan Pathfinder and Nissan Xterra roof racks. Also, we make custom Thule Xsporter truck pads to cover the entire length of the crossbar.

We make all our surf rack pads at our factory in Costa Mesa, California.  Furthermore you can contact us for custom length car pads, SUV pads, van pads or truck rack pads at [email protected] or call 949.645.4592.


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Vitamin Blue non logo car roof pads made in USA.