Custom Surfboard Bag

We have been making surfboard bags in Costa Mesa, California since 1999. We recently hand made this custom 9’8″ gun surfboard bag for Boyd from Honolulu, Hawaii. Gun surfboards are specialized boards for big wave surfing. These surfboards have the same length as longboards, however the noses and tails are pulled in. The typical surf bag is not likely to fit well for these specific types of boards. Therefore you will need to order a custom surf bag.

Also, at the bottom of this post is a video that shows how to measure your surfboard for a custom surfboard bag.   We can make you day surfboard bag or a surf travel bag. Once we have your surfboard measurements and we know what you need for your custom surfboard bag, we can go to work!

Surf Bag

Surf Bag


Custom Surfboard Bags

Gun Surfboard Bag


Custom Surfboard Bag Description

This gun surfboard day bag includes light gray denier exterior, .25″ foam, white nylon interior. Also a large sized #10 zipper with two zipper sliders and zipper pulls that zips half way up the bag. A handle at the center of the rail and a shoulder strap.

Custom Surfboard Bag

Custom Surfboard Bag

Also the light gray colored exterior is a functional color for surfboard bags. This color absorbs less heat when exposed to the sun, so your surfboard wax is less likely to melt when your board is inside your bag.

Additionally, we can make you surfboard travel bag with all the necessary features. Also we make a stock longboard bag and a coffin longboard travel bag.

Furthermore we highly recommend protecting your “Made in America” surfboard with a “Made in America” surfboard bag.

Thanks for your business Boyd!!


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Finally, you can contact us for additional information about our surfboard bags at [email protected] or call 949.645.4592.


Measurement Instructions For A Custom Surfboard Bag