Board Bags for Balsa Boards Shaped by Master Shapers

Board Bags for Balsa Boards Shaped by Master Shapers


We are honored to make custom Vitamin Blue board bags for these classic balsa boards shaped by some of California’s master surfboard shapers. All three of these surfboard will be up for auction at The California Gold Vintage Surf Auction. The auction will be held at the Culver City Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium in September.


Balsa Boards Master Shapers

The top board is a 8’0″ Bear, shaped by Steve Boehne from Infinity Surfboards in 1988. Steve is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet! He lives and operates his surf shop in a fine American town, Dana Point, California. Vitamin Blue makes all types of board bags for Infinity Surfboards, including longboard bags, SUP bags, SUP surf bags, SUP race bags, SUP paddle bags, SUP paddle blade covers, wave ski bags, rudder ski bags, tandem board bags and more.

The center board is a 8’0″ shaped by Phil Edwards in 1983.

The bottom board is a 7’6″ shaped by Dale Velzy in 1980.