.Piapo Board Bag custom made by Vitamin Blue in Costa Mesa, California.

The act of wave riding began in the Polynesian world more than three centuries ago. The paipo is probably the world’s first proper bodyboard. Also they are regarded as the original surfboard.

Over the last few years piapo boards have gained traction as niche surfboard product, introducing a whole new chapter for surfing. The paipo ranges in length from three to five feet; some models are as slender as a half-inch thick. Therefore piapo boards are fun and perform well in small waves. Our good friend Jon Wegener of Wegener Surfboards has crated various piapo designs for different types of surf.


Piapo Board Bag

Piapo Board Bag

Piapo Board Bag Description

Our custom piapo board bags include light gray 600 denier exterior, .25″ foam, smooth white nylon interior. Also a hard rubber handle and two #10 zipper sliders with zipper pull tabs.

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