Longboard Bag

Longboard Surfboard Bag


Longboard Surfboard Bag Description

Our longboard surfboard bag includes light gray 600 denier polyester exterior, this light color will absorb less heat when exposed to the sun. Also our surfboard bag contains 1/4 inch padding and we use two large #10 zipper sliders for our surf bags.

Suggested longboard bag maintenance – 2 to 3 times a year rub a bar of hand soap or spray WD40 or silicone on the closed zipper to keep it lubricated. Please be sure to do this if you plan to store your bag for a while.

In addition, our longboard bags are  designed for day and/or light travel use.


Fin Side

Fin Side

Also, our longboard bag comes with a open fin slot and external tie down loops to tie the board bag to the roof of a car with surfboard tie down straps.


Board Bag Interior

Surfboard Bag Interior

Additionally, we use white nylon lining for our board bag interior. Because this material is smoother and makes it easy to slide your board in and out of the bag.


Board Bag Logo

Board Bag Logo

Also, our surfboard bags include a exterior storage pouch for your extra fins, leash, wax and wax comb. A hard rubber handle and a removable shoulder strap.


Longboard Bag Manufacturing

Printing Bing Surfboard logo for longboard bags

Printing Bing Surfboard logo for longboard bags

Additionally, we silkscreen our surfboard bag logos at our factory.

Marking longboard bags for cutting.

Marking board bags for cutting.

In the picture above, Joel is marking a stack of longboard day bag panels. Also, in the picture below Joel is cutting the stack of longboard bag panels with a round knife.

Cutting longboard bag panels.

Cutting surfboard bag panels.


Sewing webbing on longboard bag panels.

Sewing webbing on longboard bag panels.

Also, in the above picture, Esperanza is sewing webbing on the edges of the board bag panels. Finally, in the picture below Esperanza is sewing the top and bottom longboard bag panels together.

Sewing longboard bag.

Sewing longboard bag.

Also, we can make you custom longboard day bag, longboard travel bag or coffin longboard or wheeled coffin longboard travel bag. We have been making surfboard bags at our factory in Costa Mesa, California since 1999.


Stock Longboard Bags

You can see our complete selection of longboard bags here.


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Lastly, if you have any questions about longboard bags or surfboard bags please email us at [email protected] or call 949.645.4592.