Gun Surfboard Bag

Gun Surfboard Bag


Gun Surfboard Design

These special surfboards are made for big waves. They are usually longer, ranging from 7’6” all the way up to 10’0″ or more. Also the noses and tails of these surfboards are pulled in. When riding a really big wave, a small board can start to wobble and so these boards come with extra thickness as well. Gun surfboards usually do not fit well in standard boardbags. You will need to order a custom surfboard bag for your big wave board.

This is a Vitamin Blue gun surfboard bag for Ian Balding Paddle & Surf. Ian hand shaped a 10’6″ balsa gun surfboard for Jamie Mitchell in Hawaii. Additionally we made this board bag to the specific measurements of Jamie’s new balsa gun surfboard. Also this surfboard bag will be used to ship the surfboard from North Carolina to Hawaii and for daily use in Hawaii.

We’re proud to hand make custom surfboard bags for some of the finest surfboard shapers in the country!


Surfboard Bag Description

In addition, this surfboard bag includes .25″ foam, light gray 600 denier exterior, smooth white nylon interior and no fin slot. Also a #10 sized half zipper with zipper pulls, a handle and a shoulder strap. We make our surfboard bags in at our factory in Costa Mesa, California.


Contact Us For A Custom Gun Surfboard Bag

Furthermore if you are interested in a gun surfboard bag we’d love to hear from you. Also we can make a custom surfboard travel bag or a gun coffin travel bag with wheels. You can email us at [email protected] or call 949.645.4592.


Board Bag Measurement Instructions

Finally, please take a look at the video below for surfboard bag measurement instructions.